Filter, sort and pagination

Allowing the user to find what they need on Wiggle is of critical importance.

  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Pagiation


Filtering is done on the left hand side on the website. It allows users to filter categories to find what they want.

Guidance coming soon.


Sorting is how a user can change the order of the information presented, for example, lowest price to highest price.

Guidance coming soon.


We paginate to allow the user to browse through a lot of items. We also know that technically, it's better to show a limited number of products to reduce load times.

We tell the user which page they're on, how many pages there are and a quick way to get to the end. This helps when they've ordered the list in a certain way e.g. most expensive to cheapest. We also give the user an option to choose how many items to show on each page.

Over time, we suggest removing the list view. Users rarely use it and it would be better to concentrate effort on one good experience, rather than two ok experiences. Guidance coming soon.