We use colour sparingly at Wiggle, allowing images and text to be read easily on the page. We apply it when it's helpful to a user and recognise that not all users see colours in the same way.

Wiggle Orange

Wiggle Orange should be used sparingly and should only be used for primary buttons.


Wiggle Grey

Wiggle Grey is used for titles and areas that need very clear contrast. Whole pages should not be Wiggle Grey. The Wiggle logo should sit on this colour.



White is used for page background colours.


Light Grey

Light Grey can sometimes be used to separate areas, such as wells or some forms, but not for text.


Text Grey

Text Grey is used for body text. color: #666666;


Link Blue

Use Link Blue for links. If you're using it on a dark background, contrast test if for legibility.

Links should be underlined and the underline can be removed on hover, bearing in mind that there is no hover interaction on touch devices.

The mouse over state must use the hand/pointer to indicate that the link is clickable.

Link text should tell the user where it's taking them. No "click heres" please.


Button colours

Primary button: Wiggle Orange


Secondary button: Wiggle Grey