Guidance is coming from the commercial design team on banners, our way of visually promoting products.


A banner is made up of:

  • An image
  • A headline
  • A sub-headline
  • A button or buttons



The headline should be made of around 4 words in Roboto Bold. Should state something the user would be interested in e.g. New dhb Bloc collection


Sub-headline: made of between 4 and 6 words in Roboto Regular. Should describe something the user should do or receive e.g. Explore our new products

Current guidance

  • Positioning: Headline and sub-headline should be in the top left of the banner
  • The Wiggle logo should not be used in banners on the Wiggle website, as it is on the page elsewhere (at the top)
  • Banners should ideally have one or two buttons. These should be in our secondary button style and the whole banner should be wrapped in a link.
  • You should not use unrealistic effects to make the visuals
  • Including the brand logo where appropriate and is useful
  • There needs to be a calm area for text in a background image
  • Banners should be responsive
  • Don't use pun-laiden words that can alienate users
  • Don't use too much text. Users will scan-read messages. Let's give them a few words to pique their interest and encourage them to click through