Inclusive design

The Wiggle website needs to be accessible and have a strong usability focus.

While we prepare guidance, the web community have provided a wealth of knowledge and research on designing for a desired accessibility and usability.

  • Accessibility standard
  • Contrast compliance
  • Accessibility review
  • Dyslexia, low-vision, autistic spectrum
  • Usability practice
  • Screen readers

Accessibility standard

As a minimum, each feature must meet Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Contrast compliance

Colours used on the Wiggle website must be compliant in contrast. A quick way to check contrast is to use a colour contrast checker.

Accessibility review

You can use an automated tool to regularly test a features accessibility while it is being built and after it has been launched, for example on Wave.

Dyslexia, low-vision, autistic spectrum

The Government Digital Service in the UK have provided these handy guides to help designs build solutions with dyslexic, low-vision and for users on the autistic spectrum. They can be found on the Home Office Git Hub repository.

Usability practice

Test the website feature with users regularly with usability testing. This keeps the feedback loop going.

Screen readers

There are 285 million people in the world that have low-vision. Guidance on designing for screen readers can be found in the WebAIM website.