We write for the user, not for us.

  • Tone of voice
  • Sentence case
  • Words we use

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is about what you say (values) and how you say it (personality).

  • Wiggle is clear, direct, genuine and trustworthy. We need to show trust to secure a great relationship with our users. Let's genuinely help our customers find what they want
  • Our customers should feel confident, engaged and informed. Let's not be sale-sy and pun-laden in our words.
  • Our tone should be conversational, personable and friendly. Find opportunities to address the reader and to be inclusive ("you", "us", "we")
  • Wiggle is open and accessible. As such, we have no need for unnecessary jargon or haughtiness. Also, let's not use capitals or boldness to add emphasis and consider the full reading experience.
  • Wiggle is for the good stuff. We're here for the good stuff and a good time. Let's cut the formal language and talk to our customers in an informal, human way.
  • All encompassing. We understand our customers are of many different genders, beliefs, abilities, attitudes languages and locations. Let's start working in that way.


  • "We match our competitors prices" is better than "We price match"
  • "Introducing the first ever, purpose built 1x drive train" is better than "SRAM Eagle has landed - Hello 12 speed - Hello simplicity"
  • "The new dhb run collection is now available" is better than "Run faster with dhb"
  • "Give us a ring" is better than "Please call to speak to customer service"

Sentence case

We write in sentence case in a way that users are familiar with.

Words we use

We should use the words "Log in", "Log out" and "Register" consistently so users recognise the functions of these words. This is because these are more familiar than other words.