We use a lot of visual elements in our systems, so we need a central place to share what we use, why we use them, and ultimately enable developers and designers to craft solutions to user interface challenges.

Constant iteration requires both an efficient process and a well-defined collection of elements that can assemble new UIs quickly, without accruing new technical or design debt.

We're also solving an internal communication problem by documenting and assembling a reference site of our patterns and styles.


These people have a stake in the user experience and user interface.

“We don’t need an accurate document, we need a shared understanding”

Jeff Patton, User Story Mapping
Helen O'Doherty
Ross Chapman
Jeffrey Lam


These people are included in any consultation concerning the design of the user interface.

Brian Dukes
John Bradford
Ben Drudge
Piotr Kazmierski
Darren Chmarny
Tom Mayfield
Jorge Guimaraes
Helen Carr
Jeremy Millano
Erica Walduck